As the foggy days and cold air gradually bid farewell, it’s almost time for the season of bright colors, lawn dress designs, soft sunlight hinting at the arrival of the beloved season of spring. And as everything awakens from a winter slumber it's time to refresh your wardrobe too! Bid adieu to cozy layering, oversized coats and gear up to enjoy the sweet symphony of the new season: spring with our latest Chikankari Collection featuring the most gorgeous cotton suits for women.

Sahiba Collection Rujhan

The Grace of Chikankari

Our latest collection is a joyous tribute to the blossoming colours of the new season that will brighten up your wardrobe and elevate your style seamlessly. From the beautiful colour contrasts to the splendid silhouettes each ensemble on the finest unstitched cotton suits is an ecstatic celebration of the changing season.

The Origin of Chikankari

The Chikankari embroidery tradition in India has been around for about 400 years and is believed to have originated from Persian craft. The craft was introduced to India by Noorjahan, the queen of Jahangir, the Mughal Emperor. It was earlier practiced by the wives of Mughal Emperors but furthermore the intricate Chikankari hand work flourished under the rulers of Awadh.

When the capital of Awadh shifted to Lucknow from Faizabad in 1722, craft knowledge came along and the Mughals found Hand Block Printing skills in Lucknow, which made it easier for them to practice this embroidery. Gradually, the Chikankari embroidery became a part-time earning source for many women in rural areas as this craft is quite unique especially when done on our unstitched cotton suits online and that uniqueness makes it a lovely addition to your fashion wardrobe.

So while you are looking for new unstitched cotton suits online, here are a few options that you can shop through our summer clothes sale:

Soothing Greens for Monday Mornings

For days when your Monday blues are hitting and your mood has gone haywire, dress up in ensembles that spark joy!

ladies cotton suit | Rujhan

ladies cotton suit | Rujhan

This 3-piece ladies cotton suit brings in a brilliant colour of green - an elevated addition to your wardrobe which should not be missed! With a breathtakingly beautiful Chikankari design on the deep green paired with luxury chiffon unstitched dupatta, trust us when we say that this will be your next go-to outfit! You can style it up for bright Monday mornings when confidence is all you need!

Turn Heads this Tuesday

As Tuesday dawns, the weight of responsibilities hangs in the air - work deadlines loom, tasks beckon, and amidst it all, a dinner invitation awaits. Amongst this, finding the balance between professional efficiency and evening elegance becomes paramount. Our Chikankari ladies unstitched suits are made just for days like these!

Sahiba New cotten Suit

Its delicate embroidery whispers tales of tradition and refinement, effortlessly blending into the rhythm of the day. With its understated charm, this Chikankari suit embodies versatility, seamlessly transitioning from boardroom meetings to the evening soirée. Featuring an alluring color and delicate details that steal hearts, this gorgeous suit graces your femininity perfectly. You can pair it up with pumps or even khussas to look formal yet poised wearing this suit cotton online

Vibrant Wednesdays

It’s the middle of week, some cheerfulness can surely do you good! That’s the thing about Chikankari, if you are a fan of luxury embroidered lawn suits, you will love the feel this fabric offers!

embroidered cotton suit

embroidered cotton suit

Look at this lovely embroidered cotton suit in the brightest of orange canvas. Featuring the most intricate details, this 3-piece cotton unstitched suit offers a cotton embroidered shirt, matching trousers paired with an embroidered chiffon dupatta. Style it up any way you like. Whether it’s an official dinner or a family function, this on is made for moments that matter.

Friday Dinner OOTD

It's officially Friday! Curate your own distinct Friday look with our embroidered Chikankari suits available in a range of different colors, designs and prints. Whether you prefer thick embroideries or subtle colors, embrace the upcoming weekend vibes and let your style speak volumes. Explore a palette of colors that reflects the vibrancy of the season with this elegant mauve ladies’ cotton suit.

ladies’ cotton suit

Your distinct Friday look awaits you with this 3-piece swiss cotton suit online featuring an alluring embroidered chiffon dupatta, embroidered cotton shirt and matching trousers in our premium cotton trousers. Accessorize them with your favorite earrings, heels and reflect perfection every time you wear it. 

Sleek Weekend Brunch Look

Merge sophistication and laid-back charm with our sleek looks that will get you in the weekend vibes. With a vivid tone and subtle embroidery this uniquely classy ensemble is bound to make you stand out effortlessly.

cotton suits online | Rujhan

cotton suits online | Rujhan

Bright colors are made to energize your weekends! And you are in luck! This unstitched cotton suit is here to elevate your look significantly. The contrasting red embroidery on a maroon base is all set to flair up fashionable looks. Get it stitched as you like and let the grace envelop you.

Perfection all week round with Rujhan

There you go ladies! With our exclusive collection of unstitched cotton suits online, you choose to pick your favorites all perfection any day of the week. So, hurry up and explore our entire collection today and pick your favorites now!

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