As you ladies know the comfort of cotton dresses due to its soft fabric and a perfect drape. It is an evergreen fabric that can be styled in a formal or casual way. The variety of colors and embroidery designs elevates its elegance. Moreover, unstitched cotton dresses can be designed in a variety of ways such as open shirt, A-line shirt, frock style or many more. Therefore, the importance of a cotton suit or suit with a cotton dupatta can never be denied. If you are looking for modern designs and premium fabric with latest embroidery designs look no further. Ruhan brings for you the versatile ladies cotton dresses that are well crafted with contrasting and matching colors and latest embroidery designs.

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Benefits of Cotton Suits:

The light and breathable fabric of cotton is suitable for summers as well as spring season. The versatility of cotton makes it wearable in different weathers. The cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn't hurt the skin. If you have sensitive skin, cotton dresses are the perfect choice for you.Cotton suits are soft on skin and do not create allergic reactions even in humid season. Check this beautiful cotton dress by Rujhan which you can wear for any formal gathering or for casual wear.

This Teal- green colored 3 piece dress is from a luxury collection named Sahiba by Rujhan. The geometrical pattern of embroidery crafted in grayish color gives it a sumptuous look for an evening outfit. The embroidered neckline is designed in such a way that any jewelry will be a good match with it. This dress has a cotton shirt with cotton pants and chiffon dupatta which is elegantly draped with this dress.

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Styling a Cotton Suit:

A cotton fabric gives the ease of designing a suit according to one’s choice. The ladies cotton suit can be styled in various ways such as having different shades of the same color to give an aesthetic look to the dress. Another way of styling a cotton suit is to have embroidery on the shirt, sleeves and dupatta. The shirt is embellished with either digital embroidery or hand crafted embroidery, both are the work of skilled artists. There is a vast range of embroidery designs that you can have on your suit to look elegant. Rujhan has the most sleek designs with fine embroidery done on shirts and dupattas. 

Rujhan brings a special Nur Mahal collection for you. Check out this luxurious deep blue colored dress embellished with a contrasting white color. The shirt is of jacquard cotton. The font of the shirt is embroidered in a circular pattern that is quite eye-catching. The embroidery is done on the sleeves and borders of the shirt as well. To complete the dress, chiffon embroidered dupatta is attached with it whereas pants are also made of jacquard cotton.

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Types of Cotton Dresses:

There is a variety of cotton dresses available such as cambric cotton dresses, jacquard cotton dresses and jacquard broshia cotton dresses. Each fabric has its own speciality such as cambric cotton suits are perfect for formal wear whereas jacquard cotton dresses are perfect for heavy embroideries. Rujhan brings this decent cambric digital printed dress for daily formal wear. This digital printed cotton suit has Anarkali prints on it. The luxurious colors and floral patterns elevate the beauty of this dress. 

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Styling with Dupatta:

The dupatta is a classic addition in any dress. It insinuates eastern and cultural aesthetics in a dress. Dupattas can be simply of vibrant colors or it can be embroidered according to the dress. The dupatta draped elegantly along with embroidered dress elevates its elegance. Check out this amazing silhouette that is embroidered heavily yet looks decent and elegant. The cotton shirt is of chikankari. It is dyed in a luxurious maroon color and embroidered in the same color. The embroidery is done on the front and back of the shirt along with sleeves. The floral patterns are arranged vertically to give it a mesmerizing look. This luxury suit for ladies is simple yet attractive in its own way. The chiffon dupatta is embroidered on the borders and a few flowers are added on the whole dupatta. The pants are dyed in maroon color and the fabric is chikankari cotton. This dress is a good fit for a formal gathering or a special dinner.

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Cotton dresses are versatile in every way. The styling and designing of cotton suits gives you a variety of options. The cotton suit with chiffon dupatta is an awesome combination. It can be worn in any way such as a formal dinner, a party or family event. The embroidery designs done on cotton fabrics makes it suitable for wedding occasions whereas, the digital prints on cambric cotton are good for daily wear. Rujhan has a variety of dresses that are good for office going or special occasions. To make it more desirable, Rujhan offers season end sale on its premium quality dresses. Check out today, online cotton dresses.



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