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It's time to refresh your wardrobe for the summer season! Rujhan is now offering a range of trendy new dress designs, all made from the highest quality fabric. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and slay each and every event with Rujhan’s exclusive collection. Our collection includes a mix of various looks and styles - whatever type of event you have coming up, we've got something to suit. It's almost Ramadan and Eid.

If you need to attend a formal dinner with your family, a festive event for your family, or a casual iftar party with friends, we have you covered. Every look and dress design for this season is provided by Rujhan. You are now ready to dominate every event this season. Take your top choices from Rujhan.

Add Some Maroon And Golden Royalty To Your Wardrobe

We value your appearance just as much as you value it. You are exactly where you need to be if you want something that will catch people's attention. View the 3pc cotton dress design we offer. It looks attractive because of the striking colour blend and combination. Maroon and golden go well with the royal look that you’ve been looking for.

You will undoubtedly appear distinct and powerful thanks to these original colour choices. With its fully embroidered shirt, this three-piece ladies' suit will give you a deep, full appearance. Care and attention have gone into creating this unique dress design.

We offer the best quality ladies' suits- pick one of our stunning-coloured cotton sets, complete with embroidered shirt for that deep, full look. Ready to turn heads? Get your look now from Rujhan’s new collection!

Add Some Maroon And Golden Royalty To Your Wardrobe

Want To Wear Absolute Sophistication?

Our finest ladies' suits are now available for the upcoming summer season. Whether you're needing something casual for an iftar party with friends, or something more formal for family functions and events, Rujhan has you covered. Our latest dress designs are a mashup of various looks and fashion trends. Take a look at this top-notch ladies’ suit.

This new dress design is already a breath of fresh air, this skin-pink colour and gentle combination of pastel hues. One should also have some pastels and soft colours in their wardrobe this summer. By hand, our top designers created this elegant three-piece ladies' suit. The colour combination is stunning, and the neckline is delicately and carefully crafted.

Want To Wear Absolute Sophistication

The multi-bronchia jacquard and thread work simply completes the overall appearance. Add on some light makeup with a lower bun or hair down. Get the best jewellery and formal heels to complete your sophisticated look.

Get The Perfect Style For Every Event

RUJHAN presents an excellent 2-piece cotton print series featuring very beautiful and exquisite floral and abstract prints. Wear it on the go, on a day trip, dining out or at home and you'll look absolutely beautiful with super comfortable and plush fabrics. This 2-pc cotton dress design will make you look stylish and chic.

Get The Perfect Style For Every Event

Get it stitched the way you want. It could be a long shirt with trousers, a long frock or a shirt frock. You can wear antique style jewellery with this dress design or can wear some pearly jewellery. Let your hair loose with some light wavy curls. Get your cute clutch and pair of footwear to slay wherever you go!

An Untold Tale Of Luxury

Rujhan presents a luxury tale of sophistication with our luxury Embroidered Broshia Jacquard Collection. This cotton dress design is hand embellished with their best artisan and designer. The creation of this piece of art is done with great observation and detail. This 3pc unstitched ladies’ suit has the best blend of sage green, and golden embroidery with colourful flowers. This light green colour is always eye catchy.

The neckline is hand-crafted. This 3-pc dress design comes with a cotton embroidered tie and dye dupatta. The floral design on the dupatta is already giving of refreshing aura. The different shades of light green with golden and red flowers look so elegant.

An Untold Tale Of Luxury

You can make it look formal, fancy or casual by you want it stitched. It comes with our best quality dyes cotton dress design pants. The makeup and jewellery you choose would be determining the look you want. So, grab the best and choose your look!

Choose Your Fit From This Season's Best Collection

Introducing a signature collection of ladies’ suits. Our online shop offers the highest quality, unique designs and a wide selection. You certainly don't want to miss this one. Go and grab your fit.

Visit our website now to stock up on this season's wardrobe.

Now you can look your best on every occasion this season - shop Rujhan for all your wardrobe needs. Take advantage of Rujhan's current availability of his exclusive collection to complete your look.

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